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Mandy is a left-handed calligrapher, artist and illustrator from Hong Kong who loves to create artworks and active in the exhibitions in Hong Kong and overseas.

Group Exhibitions:

May - June 2019 Creative Visual Arts Association Exhibition/ JCCAC, HK 

Aug 2019 Asia Illustration Fair / Powerlong Museum, Shanghai

Oct - Nov 2020 Zine Day Osaka vol.6 / Osaka

Aug 2021 Creative Visual Arts Association Exhibition 2020+1/ JCCAC, HK 

June - July 2022 CVAA Exhibition 2022 / JCCAC, HK

July 2023 CVAA Exhibition 2023 / JCCAC, HK

Solo Exhibitions:

Sep 2019 The Tiny Landscape Exhibition / Joint Publishing HK, HK

Sep - Nov 2020 3CM The Tiny Landscape Exhibition / Eslite Bookstore, HK 

Oct - Nov 2020 末頂 Watertown / Breakthrough Centre, HK 

July - Aug 2021 The Tiny Landscape Museum / Mini Hotel Central, HK

​Aug - Sep 2021 Blossomholic Exhibition / Breakthrough Centre, HK

May - June 2023 The Tiny Landscape Exhibition / Cafe BOMBOM, Taipei

July 2023 The Tiny Landscape Exhibition / TAi Urban Resort, Kaohsiung

Creative Visual Arts Association 2023 Exhibition/ Hong Kong

​Duration: 2023/7/15 - 2023/7/23

Backed to Hong Kong, Mandy created a new collection of The Tiny Landscape to captured the places she visited after COVID in 2023. The artist statement of this collection is "I travel therefore I am". 

​微縮世界—旅行的悸動/ 承億酒店
The Tiny Landscape Solo Exhibition/ Kaohsiung

​Duration: 2023/7/1 - 2023/7/31

Invited by TAi Urban Resort, the second stop for The Tiny Landscape Solo Exhibition in Taiwan is Kaohsiung. 


And this is her first solo exhibition curated by overseas gallery.   

​微縮世界—旅行的悸動/ 台北
The Tiny Landscape Solo Exhibition/ Taipei

​Duration: 2023/5/12 - 2023/6/4

Invited by Cafe BOMBOM, Mandy hosted her first overseas solo exhibition in May 12 - June 4, 2023 called The Tiny Landscape.


This exhibition exhibits 56 miniature artworks from the artist, she want to express the world she explored before to other audiences.

Creative Visual Arts Association 2022 Exhibition/ Hong Kong

​Duration: 2022/6/29 - 2022/7/3

This was the forth group exhibition for Mandy in June-July 2022 to showcase her first acrylic collection called "Escape" at JCCAC. Escape is an art collection to capture the landscapes Mandy visited during the COVID-19 period. Let’s take a break and enjoy some beautiful landscapes through her artworks.


Blossomholic Solo Exhibition/ Hong Kong

​Duration: 2021/8/16 - 2021/9/12

Blossomhoilc, the fifth solo exhibition for Mandy in Aug-Sep 2021. This exhibition showcased the signature of Mandy's artwork, which is floral painting. 

Creative Visual Arts Association 2020+1 Exhibition/ Hong Kong

​Duration: 2021/8/6 - 2021/8/10

This was the third group exhibition for Mandy in Aug 2021 to showcase her miniature watercolor artworks called "Whispers of Sky" at JCCAC. This project includes 30 skies and landscapes around the world.


​微縮世界博物館個展/ 中環迷你酒店
The Tiny Landscape Museum Solo Exhibition/ Hong Kong

​Duration: 2021/7/12 - 2021/8/12

Invited by Mini Hotel Central, Mandy hosted her forth solo exhibition in July 12 - August 16, 2021 called The Tiny Landscape Museum.


The Tiny Landscape Museum exhibits different 3cm watercolor artworks from the artist, you can discover her travel journey across the world through the artworks, tickets and stories.

​末頂個展/ 突破中心
Water Town Solo Exhibition/ Hong Kong

​Duration: 2020/10/5 - 2020/11/1

Water Town, the third solo exhibition for Mandy in Oct-Nov 2020. It is an exhibition about the consequences of global warming and rising sea level. Mandy used eight artworks to show how the cities disappeared. 



3CM的微縮世界個展/ 誠品書店
3CM The Tiny Landscape Solo Exhibition/ Hong Kong

​Duration: 2020/9/4 - 2020/11/10

Invited by the Eslite Hong Kong, Mandy hosted her second solo exhibition, 3CM The Tiny Landscape Exhibition in Hong Kong in Sep - Nov 2020. She exhibited 36 pieces 30mm watercolor artworks to record her journeys in different countries.



微縮世界個展/ 三聯書店
The Tiny Landscape Solo Exhibition/ Hong Kong

​Duration: 2019/9/4 - 2019/9/25

Invited by the Joint Publishing (H.K.), Mandy hosted her first solo exhibition, The Tiny Landscape Exhibition in Wanchai, Hong Kong in Sep 2019. She exhibited 100 pieces 30mm watercolor artworks to record her journeys in different countries.

IMG_0912 2

亞洲插畫藝術節/ 寶龍美術館
Asia Illustration Fair/ Shanghai

​Duration: 2019/8/30 - 2019/9/1

Mandy participated the Asia Illustration Fair in Powerlong Museum, Shanghai in Aug 2019, which was her second group exhibition. She displayed her black and white watercolor artworks called "Cycle" to show the process of creation and the message of environmental protection.


2019 Creative Visual Arts Association Exhibition/ Hong Kong

​Duration: 2019/5/31 - 2019/6/5

​Mandy joined her first group exhibition in JCCAC, Hong Kong in May-June 2019 to showcased her signature artworks to the audiences, which is The Tiny Landscape.

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