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Botanical Garden Drawing Online Class


Wanna jump into the world of watercolor? Join our online class to learn how to paint different botanical plants and florals in 8 lessons with Mandy. We will introduce the tools and materials in the beginning. In this course you will learn the basic color theory, color mixing for different leaves and florals step by step. By the end of this class, you will know how to paint different florals such as hydrangea, poppy and cotton flower.




Language: Cantonese with Traditional Chinese and English subtitles

Course Fee: HKD$750 per person

Including one year access video lessons, PDF handouts, supply lists and email consultation


*Please let us know if you are interested in the starter kit ($175 per set):

- No.0 Watercolor Brush x1

​- No.4 Watercolor Brush x1

- Mstandforc Botanical Garden Drawing Notes with Folder x1

- 24 Watercolor Paint Set x1

- Japan Watercolor Paper - Big size x 15

- Japan Watercolor Paper - Small size x 5


Introduction of Watercolor


- From tubes, liquid to pans 


Duration 課時: 8:51 minutes


Tools 水彩工具

- Brushes 畫筆

- Watercolor Paper 水彩紙

Duration 課時: 5:41 minutes


Basic Color Theory 色彩理論

- Color Chart 水彩色表

- Color Exercise 調色應用

Duration 課時: 8:16 minutes


Mixing Green Colors 


Duration 課時: 3:02 minutes


Draw with Watercolor I:

水彩畫創作I :  

- Monstera Deliciosa 龜背葉

- Olive Leaf 橄欖葉與果實

Duration 課時: 11:10 minutes


Draw with Watercolor II:

水彩畫創作II :

- Cotton Flower 棉花

Duration 課時: 14:45 minutes


Draw with Watercolor III:

水彩畫創作III :

- Hydrangeas 繡球花

Duration 課時: 10:34 minutes


Draw with Watercolor IV:

水彩畫創作IV :

- Poppy 罌粟花

Duration 課時: 10:06 minutes

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