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Mandy Chan is a left-handed calligrapher and illustrator from Hong Kong who loves to create artworks, specialized in watercolor illustration and calligraphy. She founded a brand called Mstandforc in 2014 to provides different kinds of calligraphy and illustration services to her clients.



Mstandforc provides illustration and calligraphy services includes on-site calligraphy, professional calligraphy and watercolor workshops for corporate brands and events in Hong Kong and overseas.



Mstandforc experienced in teaching different types of professional painting and calligraphy workshops for corporate brands, organizations and her clients in Hong Kong and overseas since 2017.

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Mandy is a left-handed calligrapher. painter and illustrator from Hong Kong who loves to create artworks and active in the exhibitions in Hong Kong and overseas.

Online Class

Apart from face to face workshops, we provide online workshops for calligraphy and watercolor as well.

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We sell our calligraphy and watercolor products including handmade cards, customized gifts and paper goods that I designed for my store - Mstandforc. 


Mstandforc provides calligraphy services for wedding includes wedding invitation design, envelope addressing, place cards, wedding welcome board and vow books.

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